• Room 431 on the 4th floor of the Burruss Building

  • Yes, four days each week are by appointment only. Visit the Advising home page for the current schedule. Go to ColesAdvising.com for instructions on how to make an appointment. 

  • For complete instructions, go to ColesAdvising.com.

  • Yes, business students will be assigned advisors through an alphabetic split by last name (see below), effective Fall Semester 2018.

    A-Cl: Katie Robertson and Beth Anne Youngblood

    Cm-Go: Cathy Moore and Shannon Wanco

    Gp-K: Greg Lawrance and Shivani Patel

    L-N: Alissa Anderson and Michael Gabriele

    O-Sl: ChiDozie Nkemka and Laura Garnett

    Sm-Z: Tyler Pede and Stacey Walkup

  • Please visit the UPAC home page for our current hours of operation.

  • It is an override requires to be enrolled in a closed (full) course. These overrides are handled by the Department offering the course; not by Academic Advising. Students must fill out the appropriate Department Contact Form found on the Coles Registration website.

    ***Note: Overrides are not guaranteed

  • Your catalog year may be found on your DegreeWorks on Owl Express. Catalog year changes when you declare/switch your major. It determines the courses you will need to take to complete your degree. Each catalog year’s course requirements can vary.
  • BUSA 2150: Discovering My Major & Career is the first course of a 3-course, zero-credit hour, hybrid program (Hughes Leadership and Career Program) designed to help Coles College students prepare for success in their upper-division BBA courses and after graduation. Students must pass with a grade of “S” to be admitted to the Coles College of Business.

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